Private Labelling & Cosmetic Manufacturing with Health Focus Manufacturers

How to Private Label or Skin Care Manufacture with Health Focus Manufacturers

How We Work

Our 6 Step Manufacturing Process

Once we have had initial discussion with you about your manufacturing needs, and both parties are confident that HFM can provide you with the product/s that you require, we then start our product manufacturing process.

Step 1: Provide us with a written brief.

This helps kick-off the process in the right direction and we can provide assistance in getting the brief right if you require a helping hand. We are experienced enough to solve any issue and give you an idea of what it will take to deliver what you are looking for. We can also provide you with advice on product positioning, price points, market trends, ingredient trends and packaging options.

Step 2: We make your ideas come alive.

Once both parties have signed off on your product brief, we commence the formulation sample process (that’s if you don’t provide us with a formulation). One of our chemists will be assigned to your product development, and they will prepare the initial sample for you. Usually the first sample is on brief, but if it requires a little modification, we will do that for you, that’s all part of the process.

Step 3: Planning for success.

Once we have the sample just right – we work with you to plan the roll out. We get your approval of the specification and we will discuss and agree with you what is important to you and your customers, so that we tailor a quality plan that meets your needs.

Step 4:Pre-production.

At this point we will be in a position to provide you with a firm quotation for your manufacture. Once quotation is agreed to, we can commence the procurement of all your raw materials. At this point we can accurately timeline your production.

Step 5: Production & Quality control

We will create your products in our quality controlled manufacturing facility, ensuring each batch is fully checked to ensure consistent quality. We will keep you informed of progress of you products at all stages of the production process from order to dispatch.

Step 6:Dispatch

Once your products are manufactured, we will pack and prepare them for dispatch and advise you of release time.

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