Any form of manufacturing will have some direct impact on the environment and future sustainability of our planet. Our focus and goal at Health Focus Manufacturers is to minimise our impact and to contribute to a more sustainable environment.

We are committed to providing our customers with products and services that meet or exceed their expectations with regards to quality and value, whilst considering sustainability solutions. We strive to maximise the positive impact of sustainability solutions and minimise any negative ‘footprint’ on the environment, economy and society in general.

Our business strategies are being re-assessed through a sustainability lens to analyse their contribution to this overall impact. Management at HFM are committed to complying with requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of our environmental management plan.

The entire cosmetics supply chain, from the initial sourcing of raw materials through to consumer use and disposal, can have an impact on sustainability.

We are conscious of this and are continually assessing all our manufacturing inputs to contribute positively to our environment.

Environmental Management Plan

Our Environmental Management Plan is the cornerstone of our focus on sustainability. It focusses on a reduction of consumables and waste, increasing recycling capabilities, reduction in carbon emissions, a reduction in factors that could affect the environment and to increase knowledge and awareness of all our employees.

Solar Power

Recently we have invested in the first stage of becoming energy independent with the installation of a total of 108 solar panels at our site in Clontarf.

Integrating renewable energy into the business will have various advantages, not only in terms of cost saving, but also in contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint at our site.

The second stage of our Solar Power installation will include battery storage of power to make our site truly energy independent.

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