Contract Manufacturing

Available to both established and emerging brands, we approach all contract manufacturing projects with the same level of care and attention. With a focus on cost, efficacy and flexibility, we love helping our partners meet their specific needs and create products that leave a lasting impression.


Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing Australia

As one of the leading cosmetics, skincare and haircare manufacturers in Australia, Health Focus Manufacturers are proud to offer our world-class cosmetic contract manufacturing services to businesses throughout Australia and globally. From skincare, cosmetics and cosmeceuticals to haircare and petcare, we provide the knowledge and expertise to help you succeed.

Whether you're an emerging business or an established company looking to expand your product like, we guide you through the formulating and manufacturing process, drawing on our extensive experience in the global and domestic market to deliver award-winning products you can be proud of.

Our highly automated contract manufacturing process and expert qualify control team help to ensure you have a premium, market-ready product every time, giving your business peace of mind when it comes to quality and efficacy. For more information on our cosmetic contract manufacturing process, read on below or reach out to one of our team and start your journey today.

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We offer:

Product formulating – research and development

Procurement of raw materials

Compounding raw materials to formulations

Filling of client packaging

Packing of finished goods for transport

New Product Development

No two products that we formulate are the same.
Using processes genuinely bespoke to each of our brand partners, we create innovative products totally unique to your brand.

Whether using existing formulations, modifying current products or creating new products from scratch, our Research & Development (R&D) team can help you go from initial concept to ready for production with ease.


The Product Development Brief

  • Complete our easy-to-use New Product Development Form
  • Our chemists review your brief to determine whether we can manufacture your product (3-5 working days)
  • If your product is feasible, we will then provide you with estimate pricing

The Formulation Phase

  • After feedback from our chemists, if you wish to proceed we charge a modest fee (this covers raw materials)
  • Our R&D team will then create your formulation samples (under 5 weeks)


  • Once you approve the formulation samples we’ll provide a firm manufacturing quote
  • We test the fill volume of your packaging and the compatibility of the product/packaging

Product PET & Stability Testing

  • Your products undergo Preservative Efficacy Testing and Stability Testing by an independent external microbiological laboratory (charged directly to you)

Order & Production Scheduling

  • Place your order
  • Pay deposit
  • Raw materials are procured for your product
  • Production schedule is dependent on due dates of raw materials, availability and packaging delivery


  • Once the raw materials arrive, your chemist follows your products into manufacturing ensuring product integrity and efficiency
  • Quality Control checks will be conducted throughout this entire process

Product Testing

We ensure not only that your products are beautiful and functional, but stand up to the rigours of time and any possibility of contamination.

Preservative Efficacy Testing

Once you’re happy with the product formulation sample we’ve created, we’ll test the sample, by sending it to an external microbiological facility for Preservative Efficacy Testing. In a controlled laboratory environment they’ll test it to ensure that the chosen preservative ingredients provide protection against any potential contaminants. Generally, most products pass this testing process and we move on to the next phase, stability testing.

Stability Testing

Longevity of your products is important to both you and your customers. How long will your product last? What is the shelf life? Many overseas jurisdictions insist on a proven minimum shelf life for cosmetic products. So how do you know what the potential shelf life of your product is? In order to test this before a product goes to market, we must use real-time accelerated stability testing.

Basically, sample products are put through controlled temperature variations over a twelve-week period. If the product holds up and does not undergo change to colour, viscosity and smell, then it’s usually deemed to have passed stability testing with an indicative shelf life of up to 18 months.

Micro Testing

All products manufactured at our facility are sent out for micro-testing to an independent microbiological laboratory, after compounding and before filling and then again after filling into your packaging, to ensure that there has been no contamination and that your product quality is consistent throughout the manufacturing process.

Switching Manufacturers

Looking to change things up? We make transferring your business a breeze.

Managing Transitions

We’re able to move you from other manufacturers to our business with ease. Working with you at your speed, this can be as immediate or gradual as you need. We’ll manage and monitor the transition from end to end via a staged process, ensuring there’s minimal disruption to your business.

Don’t own the IP to your products? Come and talk to us about what we can do for you. We understand that some clients have commercial needs for IP ownership.

100% happy with your current manufacturer, but still a little curious to know what’s out there?

Get in touch for a no-obligation, completely confidential discussion and see what we can do for your product development and manufacturing needs - we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.


Our strong relationships with multiple suppliers avoid any risk to your business continuity, while giving you more control over your quality and service. You will have direct access to all the key people responsible for your products in our manufacturing environment, from our Managing Director through to our Formulation Chemists.


Numerous suppliers mean our prices stay competitive, allowing you to compare both price and quality and ensure you’re always getting the best.


Our chemists stay ahead of industry trends providing you with leading ingredients, processes and formulations. Whether you’re starting from scratch with a new product or extending an existing range, we want to help you reach your goals.