Quality Assurance.

We take

quality seriously.

We take quality seriously. We understand that every single product that goes out under your brand name represents your brand and impacts on your brand equity and therefore it is vital that the quality of your products are assured.

At Health Focus Manufacturers we have implemented ISO9001 certification which is the world’s leading management system standard.

What does this mean for you? Simply, peace of mind that you are working with a company that is focused on continual improvement, that is customer centric, employs well managed processes, uses a factual approach to decision making and develops strong leadership.

That’s why every product and every batch we manufacture goes through rigorous quality control processes to ensure you get superior quality products.

Furthermore, Health Focus Manufacturers are Australian Certified Organic and Organic Food Chain certified, which allows us to formulate, process and manufacture certified organic products to National Standards which are amongst the most stringent in the world.

Quality Ingredients

We have developed strong relationships with a range of trusted suppliers locally and from around the world, who consistently provide us with the highest quality ingredients for our products at market competitive prices that we can pass onto all our valued customers.

Quality Packaging

Packaging is as important as the ingredients in your product and can be a minefield for the uninitiated. We have a lot of experience with packaging and work with packaging companies that we know can deliver packaging that not only looks brilliant, but is also functional and suitable for the products that we manufacture for you.

Quality Dispatch

Our dispatch team ensure that the right products are picked and packed ready for dispatch. Our double-checking protocols virtually eliminate mis-packed orders.

Quality Equipment

Over the years, we have invested heavily in state of the art product mixing and filling equipment. This means more accurate filling and faster processing times for you.

For example, our John Hunter duel cylinder dual head filling system can fill volumes from 30ml to 20l to an accuracy of ± 0.5ml. Our automated tube filling machines can fill tubes from 5ml to 225ml, with tube diameters from 10ml to 50ml.

We have an extensive range of manufacturing tanks ranging from 50l to 2200l, which means all sized batches are catered for.

Consistent Quality Batches

Every batch we create is repeatedly tested for consistency against our production specifications. We use highly calibrated machinery to ensure accurate weighing, mixing and filling, supplemented by regular human and scientific testing and product sampling. As a result, we have minimal error and re-work rates.

Quality Manufacturer

Our manufacturing processes are modelled on the GMP (Australian) code and supported with our ISO9001, Australian Organic Certified, Organic Food Chain and COSMOS certifications. We follow strict quality control protocols that ensure no product is released without going through our extensive quality check procedures.

All inwards goods are subject to sampling and inspection, and are held in quarantine until passed or rejected. All starting materials are assigned unique bar codes and each delivery is identified by unique ID numbers. Manufacturing is carried out by using standard operating procedures, with manufacturing reports and packaging records prepared for each production run.

Bulk product is subject to laboratory sampling and microbiological testing to specifications, and no packaging commenced until tests have been satisfactorily completed.

Additional checks are made for fill weight or volume, line set-up, number of components issued and used, and cleanliness of filling equipment.

Final packaged products are held in quarantine pending the result of all laboratory tests, including microbiological tests.

When all results are available and the product complies with specification, a product reconciliation and testing record is prepared and a batch documentation checklist is completed by our quality control officer. These two documents form the “Release for Distribution” and may be forwarded to you along with your goods.

Our thorough maintenance and cleaning program ensures purity of products through reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Quality. Efficiency. Respect.

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