Switching Manufacturers

When was your last manufacturer review? At Health Focus Manufacturers we have extensive experience developing and manufacturing quality skincare, haircare, cosmeceutical and cosmetic products for many successful brands. However, there is a lot more to our business than that, and we believe we are a great alternative to consider to your current manufacturer.

The top 8 reasons why established brands have chosen HFM as their alternative contract manufacturer?

1. Improved cash flow – JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing
2. A reduction in delivery timeframes and a certainty of on-time product delivery
3. Improved product quality
4. Product reformulation for better quality and/or manufacturing price improvements
5. To develop a new range or range extensions
6. Product IP ownership issues
7. To reduce supply chain risk
8. For improved customer service

We work to solve your product problems and create improvements

At Health Focus Manufacturers we work collaboratively with our clients to solve their product issues and offer improvements to existing products.

Everyone knows that the current business climate is challenging, to keep ahead of the competition and to keep your customers happy you need to free up your cash-flow, be price and quality competitive and last but certainly not least, be on time, every time.

Reformulation of products can be a simple way to improve a product’s quality or price point. Our highly experienced chemists are constantly researching the latest ingredients to provide the best value to our clients.

If you want to develop a new range of products or expand your current range, then contact us, we have arguably the most qualified team of chemists in the country, who are here to assist you. They are innovative thinkers who proactively look for opportunities for our clients via new ranges or within their existing ranges.

Don’t own the IP to your products? Come and talk to us about what we can do for you. We understand that some clients have commercial needs for IP ownership.

Reduce your supply chain risk

Every company is dependent on its suppliers. We believe that good businesses should always review their supply relationships and often it makes good commercial sense to have more than one supplier.

It empowers you to have more control over your manufacturing quality and service, it reduces risk to your business continuity, and it provides you with an opportunity to compare pricing, quality and service.

Our customer service

Our customer service is truly second to none. It’s an old adage, but we honestly believe that the ‘customer is King’ (or Queen for that matter!). We recognise that our success depends on the success of our clients. We want you to succeed.

As our client you have direct access to all the key people responsible for your products in our manufacturing environment, from our Managing Director through to our Formulation Chemists.

We are collaborative and responsive to your needs and are more than happy to have regular work in progress meetings with you as required; onsite or via phone conference, whatever works best for you.

It’s not as hard or traumatic as it may sound

We have managed many product and brand transitions from another manufacturer to our business. It is a staged process that is managed and monitored from end to end. It can be as sudden or as gradual as you wish the process to be; whatever works for your business.

The benefits will be noticeable in no time. Even if you are 100% happy with your current supplier, please take the opportunity to have a no obligation and confidential discussion with us about your product development and manufacturing needs. A small investment of your time may produce a better bottom line and reduced supply chain risk for your business.


Contact us today for a confidential discussion on how we can help you further develop and manufacture your skincare, cosmetics or hair care products.

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