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Is your Manufacturer due a review? We can help reduce your bottom line and reduce supply chain risks.


Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing to your formulation or unique product blends to meet your needs.


Cosmetic Contract Manufacturing

Fashionable cosmetic contract manufacturing formulations.


Skin Care Manufacturer

Full range of skin care contract manufacturing including organic skin care & nutraceuticals.


Cosmetic Manufacturers

Quality Contract manufacturing for your brand and products


We believe that Health Focus Manufacturers are the best product development and contract manufacturing business in Australia.

Not an easy claim to substantiate perhaps, but when you weigh up what our business offers our clients it’s easy to see why we believe we are the best at what we do and we would like the opportunity to prove it to you.

In essence, our logo and its tagline sum up our business; we are quality cosmetic manufacturers that employ the best people and processes to efficiently manufacture your products, and we do this with a respectful attitude towards our relationship with our clients.

The Customer is king (or Queen!)

Our team have decades of experience as cosmetic manufacturers, working with the product development and contract manufacturing of quality skin care, cosmetics, and hair care products. Our clients can feel assured with the quality and standards of their manufactured products.

At Health Focus Manufacturers we believe in working in partnership with our clients. Customer service is a core pillar of our business and you get to work closely with the people that you empower to work with your brand and your products. Your Formulation Chemist or the Managing Director is just a phone call away.

Assured quality

We have worked hard to implement and maintain that all processes and procedures are of  the highest standards including globally recognised ISO9001 Quality Certification and the rigorous requirements of becoming certified with Australian Certified Organic, Organic Food Chain and COSMOS.

Many cosmetic manufacturers put out claims of high quality and organic products; however we have been leading the way in the industry for many years, ensuring every single product goes through our extensive quality control processes to help guarantee you receive products of the highest standards.

Every process in our cosmetic manufacturing process is carefully monitored and assessed using strict GMP procedures in conjunction with ISO9001. We can assure you that no product enters the final packaging process without undergoing our quality check procedures, ensuring the products you receive match your high expectations.

Thorough cleaning and maintenance procedures are also in place throughout the production process. This helps ensure that the purity of the products is maintained, while reducing any chance of cross-contamination issues.

An alternative to your current contract manufacturer

For established brands, we work to solve your product problems and offer improvements. We can work with you to improve your cash flow and improve your product quality and / or price point. We have worked with many established brands to reformulate existing lines and sort our IP issues. We can also help you reduce your supply chain risk.

Australian made cosmetic manufacturers

All of the products we manufacture are Australian made, we take care of the complete manufacturing process, from start to finish, ensuring high standards are maintained throughout. We never outsource any part of the manufacturing and filling process. Our ingredients are sourced from a select group of well-established and trusted suppliers, from right here in Australia and across the world.

Cosmetic contract manufacturing

Whether you are looking for large production runs or you are a smaller company that requires small scale production you’ve come to the right place. We provide contract manufacturing for a variety of different cosmetic and chemical products, including the following:

Contact us today to find out how we can uphold your brand values and help you deliver quality products to your clients.


What Our Clients Say

Our packaging arrived on a Friday afternoon from overseas; HFM filled and packaged 15,000 tubes over the weekend. The product was on a plane the following Monday to Europe. We have used various manufacturers before but we have never come across a team so dedicated to our success. They take the stress out of tight deadlines and are always happy to offer viable and unique solutions.

— DD – A leading Australian Skin Care company