About Health Focus Manufacturers – Cosmeceutical Manufacturers

Health Focus Manufacturers are Brisbane based cosmetic, skin care and pet care manufacturers and household cleaning manufacturers

Welcome to Health Focus Manufacturers

Like all great products, Health Focus Manufacturers has seen a number of formulation changes throughout the years. Operating as a skin care and cosmetics manufacturer since the 1980s under various owners and names, we have been operating in our current form since 2011, and are proudly Australian owned and operated.

Our production facility, laboratory and warehouse are based in the Brisbane bayside suburb of Clontarf.

Our clients

Our clients range from small entrepreneurial businesses to large retailers and multi-national companies who are located all around Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth, and whose products are sold both in local and global markets.

What we do

We provide a broad range of services to our clients from new product development through to laboratory formulation testing, manufacture, labelling, filling and packing product. We also offer services in brand development, label copywriting, design and quality label print production.

Our in-house formulation chemists can even reverse engineer existing products to create equivalent or better products for you to take to market.

We only use best grade raw materials and ingredients that are NOT tested on animals.

How we do it

Our quality control processes are second-to-none, with our Australian-first computer technology enabling full batch traceability from ingredient component receipt through to final dispatch.

This cutting-edge technology is used by the largest manufacturers in the world and we are the first Australian company to implement it into our processes to ensure even greater peace of mind for our customers.

Our batch tracing ability is only part of the rigorous checks and balances that we have implemented to ensure that you receive quality products every time. Our ISO9001, Australian Certified Organic and Organic Food Chain certifications globally accepted standards are applied to all your product manufacture needs.

And of course, all of our products undergo rigorous safety, quality and microbiological tests to ensure their exceptional quality prior to despatch.

You can always trust us to deliver consistent, high quality products on time and on specification. And as your needs change, we deliver the flexibility you need to take advantage of changing markets.

We also ensure that your confidentiality is fully maintained – whether it is a commercial-in-confidence product formulation or the release of a new product line, we protect your information.

If you want high quality, professional advice and service delivered with your products – contact us!

Satisfaction Guaranteed