Switching Manufacturers

Looking to change things up? We make transferring manufacturers a breeze.

At Health Focus Manufacturers, we have extensive experience in the development and manufacture of quality skin care, hair care, pet care, cosmeceutical and cosmetic products for leading Australian and international brands. Wherever you are in your business journey and whatever you need, from New Product Development to Contract Manufacturing, we can guide you through every step of the manufacturing process.

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Managing Transitions

Our team is able to assist you throughout the transition period ensuring confidentiality and efficiency. Working with you at your speed, this can be as immediate or gradual as you need. We’ll manage and monitor the transition from end to end via a staged process, ensuring minimal disruption to your business every step of the way.

Don't own the IP to your products? Come and talk to us about what we can do for you.  We understand that some clients have commercial needs for IP ownership.

100% happy with your current manufacturer, but still a little curious to know what's out there?

Get in touch for a no-obligation, completely confidential discussion and see what we can do for your product development and manufacturing needs - we think you'll be pleasantly surprised.



Our strong relationships with multiple suppliers avoid and risk to you business continuity, while giving you more control over your quality and service. You will have direct access to all the key people responsible for your products in our manufacturing environment, from our Managing Director through to our Formulation Chemists.

Quality & Price

Numerous suppliers mean our prices stay competitive, allowing you to compare both price and quality and ensure you;'re always getting the best.


Our chemists stay ahead of industry trends providing you with leading ingredients, processes and formulations.  Whether you're starting from scratch with a new product or extending an existing range, we want to help you reach your goals.

So why switch?

Aside from our experience, there are many reasons why businesses favour working with HFM for all their manufacturing needs.

Our Benefits


Improved Cash Flow Due To Just In Time (JIT) Manufacturing

Our JIT manufacturing capabilities allows us to manufacture our partners products more efficiently by reducing overproduction, lead times and excess inventory that needs to be stored. With these savings, our partners can respond to customer demand as needed and avoid having cash tied up in unsold inventory.


Improved Delivery Timeframes

By employing a JIT manufacturing model, we are able to reduce delivery timeframes and provide our partners with more certainty of on-time product delivery. Shorter lead times mean less room for disruptions, allowing our partners to manage the supply-side of their businesses more efficiently.


Improved Product Quality

The experience and expert knowledge of our formulation and quality team enables our partners to significantly improve the quality of their products. In addition, our New Product Development and Contract Manufacturing processes are underpinned by the global standard of GMP 22716: Cosmetics, guaranteeing that you are getting the best possible standard of manufacturing for your products.


Product Reformulation - Quality & Manufacturing Price Improvements

At HFM, we’re never content to develop a formulation and simply leave it at that. Constantly collaborating and checking in with our partners, we regularly revisit our work to find new formulations and ways of making your products more effective, of higher quality, and more cost-effective to manufacture. When you partner with us, you never need to worry about whether your product is the best it can be – our team is already one step ahead.


Develop A New Range Or Extend Your Current Range

For continued success in the cosmetics industry, looking ahead to the future is crucial. Whether you want to develop a new range of products or simply add to an existing range, our formulation team has the knowledge and experience needed to capitalise on any opportunity or idea you might have.


Product IP Ownership

We understand the importance of IP ownership to our partners and are proud to offer them full ownership and control of any product IP they manufacture or develop with us.


Reduce Supply Chain Risk

In a world where supply chain issues are now commonplace, having diversity in your supply chain is simply a matter of good business practice. At HFM, we regularly review our supplier relationships to ensure they are always delivering value for our customers, never relying solely on one supplier for our raw materials.

This diversity reduces the risk to our partners and gives them the freedom to compare suppliers on price and quality, ensuring that their business has the flexibility it needs to adapt to any changes.


Improved Customer Service

We’re not just manufacturers, we’re partners. When you work with HFM, you’re getting a manufacturer that’s as committed to the success of your business as you are – dedicated to giving you the best possible service.

As our client, you have direct access to the key people responsible for your products, from our Managing Director through to our Formulation Chemists.

Collaborative and responsive to your requirements, we are more than happy to have regular work-in-progress meetings as required; onsite or via phone conference – whatever works best for you.

Ready to Make The Switch To HFM?

Making any change in business comes with a lot of uncertainty, which is why it’s our job to give you the assurance you need. Having successfully managed hundreds of product and brand transitions, we know what is required to make the handover as seamless as possible, and can make the change as gradual or as swift as you need it to be.

Industry success begins at the bottom – to give yourself the best chance, you need the best manufacturing partner. Feel like it’s time to take a second look at your manufacturing? Get in touch to arrange a confidential, no-obligation chat about your product development and contract manufacturing needs. Just a small investment of your time could produce a better bottom line for your business.