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Looking for a contract manufacturing partner with expertise in pet care, household or commercial cleaning products? At HFM we’re proud to offer our services to brands of all sizes in these markets.For more information about our manufacturing and new product development capabilities, get in touch today.

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At Health Focus Manufacturers, we don't limit our product development and contract manufacturing services only to cosmetics and cosmeceuticals. Our team are highly experienced petcare manufacturers, as well as baby care, household and industrial cleaning manufacturers.

Our formulation team approaches the development and manufacturing process with the same focus and dedication across all product categories.

As with cosmetics, we see a great variety when it comes to industrial, household or petcare products. Whether you want to produce the silkiest hand soap on the market or a world-first pet spray, we can help you achieve it. For more information on our other product offerings, read on below.

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Baby Care

Harnessing the purity of nature and the precision of science, we specialise in contract manufacturing baby care products that are as gentle as they are effective. Our formulations can be crafted for the most sensitive skin, ensuring every product is gentle, safe and effective.

With a focus on natural ingredients and stringent safety standards, we empower brands to deliver soothing, nurturing care for the youngest of customers. Partner with us to develop and manufacture baby care products that parents can trust implicitly.

Household & Industrial Cleaning

Our team are experienced in formulating and manufacturing a wide range of cleaning products for household and industrial applications. As the market for natural and organic cleaning products continues to grow, you need a manufacturing partner with the knowledge, experience and certifications to deliver products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

The Benefits Of Working With Health Focus Manufacturers



We help make your business become more efficient and reduce lead times by employing a Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing model and offering reliable product delivery times.


Product Reformulation

We help you redevelop your products and refocus your brand through our reformulation process. Whether you want to improve the efficacy of your product or reduce the cost of raw materials, our formulation team works closely with you to offer a new and improved solution.


Development Of New Product Ranges

We are more than manufacturers – we are partners in your business journey, committed to helping you grow. With extensive experience in expanding product ranges, we work closely with you to plan, innovate and explore new raw materials to ensure your brand achieves continued success. Ready to take the next step?

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