Our Impact

Committed to uplifting our community and protecting our planet through sustainable manufacturing, we are fostering positive change. As a 100% carbon-neutral entity, we embody a firm commitment to environmental stewardship. Strengthened by strategic partnerships and memberships, we lead in essential areas of sustainability. Together with our charity partners, we are building a healthier community and a greener planet.

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Giving Back

We take a more holistic approach to manufacturing, looking to give back wherever we can, with the help of our dedicated charity partners.

Share The Dignity

Share the Dignity is an Australian women's charity, working to make a real, on-the-ground difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness, domestic violence or doing it tough.

With our packaging and labelling partners, HFM donates thousands of essential products each year to assist women in crisis. Visit Website

A logo for the 'Share The Dignity' woman's charity.

Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club

A volunteer-run community organisation dedicated to protecting swimmers and surfers at Sunshine Beach; one of the most open surfing breaks in Queensland.

Our sponsorship of the club ensures public beach safety funding: patrolling, training and essential first aid and rescue equipment. Always swim between the red and yellow flags! Visit Website

The logo for the Sunshine Beach Search Lifesaving Club depicting an eagle.


OzHarvest is Australia’s leading food rescue organisation on a mission to ‘Nourish  our Country’ by stopping good food from going to waste and delivering it to  charities that help feed people in need. Our donations have provided hundreds of  Australians with food relief.
Visit Website

The OzHarvest logo with the shape of a van made out of fruit shapes.

The Salvation Army Australia

The Salvation Army Australia is an international Christian movement, united by faith and giving hope where it’s needed most. Across Australia – in cities, country towns and rural communities – their work touches every demographic and age group. They’re involved in national issues while also bringing hope to people who may be experiencing hardship or injustice. Visit Website

Logo for The Salvation Army

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland

Cystic Fibrosis Queensland provides support, services, and hope to those fighting cystic fibrosis. They advocate for the entire cystic fibrosis community, raise funds for research and for their membership programs, and seek to raise much needed awareness of this debilitating condition. Together, we are bringing hope to those fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Visit Website

A logo for Share the Dignity women's charity

Orange Sky

Orange sky is helping to positively connect our friends in need through free laundry, showers and conversation. Visit Website

The Orange Skye Australia text logo.

Allison Baden-Clay Foundation

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation aims to build a national community that acknowledges the prevalence of domestic and family violence and seeks to create an Australia that is committed to eliminating and taking affirmative action to stop domestic and family violence. Visit Website

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation logo.

Shaping a Sustainable Future

Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. Dedicated to making our supply chain as planet friendly as possible, we reduce our impact and overall footprint on the environment, economy and society wherever we can. We view sustainability not as a trend but as a necessary pillar of our business model, offering a point of difference to our partners and tangible benefits to our planet.

Working with sustainability specialists and using our environmental management plan, we keep sustainability on track at every point. Reducing waste, consumables and carbon emissions while increasing our systems for recycling and our team's overall knowledge and awareness. We are making significant strides in key areas of sustainability.

Our approach offers our partners the confidence that their products are not only of high-quality but also produced with minimal environmental impact.

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We are making significant strides in key areas of sustainability.


We're reducing our carbon footprint through initiatives such as solar power and carbon offsetting.


Our partnership with TerraCycle and robust recycling practices contribute to significant waste reduction.


Utilising solar power is helping us to become energy independent & reduce our reliance on non-renewable resources.

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Our membership with APCO is part of our dedication to identifying sustainable packaging solutions to minimise environmental impact.

An overhead view of a trace carbon neutral pine tree plantation.

We are 100% Carbon Neutral

We're proud to announce our partnership with Trace, a climate action platform. This partnership has enabled us to become a 100% carbon neutral organisation. We've offset our emissions with certified carbon credits and tree planting through Eden Reforestation Projects, taking responsibility for our carbon footprint. This commitment to sustainability positions HFM as a leader among sustainable cosmetics manufacturers in Australia, demonstrating that it's possible to deliver quality while caring for our planet.

Our partnership with Trace extends beyond merely offsetting our emissions. We're also actively participating in their handpicked portfolio of climate projects. These projects align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, contributing to the global effort in combating climate change.

Projects most recently funded by HFM:
Cool Fire Traditional Land Management, Australia - 3%
Rimba Raya Peatlands Conservation, Indonesia - 10%
Katingan Peatlands Conservation, Indonesia - 17%
Coorong Lakes Biodiversity Conservation, Australia - 18%
Efficient cookstoves, Nepal - 24%
Generating clean wind energy, India - 28%

As an HFM partner, your choice to collaborate with us contributes to these impactful climate projects.

Waste Reduction & Sustainable Packaging

TerraCycle Partnership

We have an extended partnership with TerraCycle, a global leader in collecting hard-to-recycle waste. TerraCycle's innovative solutions align with our commitment to waste reduction. Through using the Zero Waste Box, we're recycling personal protective equipment and other hard-to-recycle materials, reducing waste destined for landfills. We're recycling everything from disposable gloves, hair nets, and face masks to safety glasses, contributing to a significant reduction in production waste.

In-house Recycling

Beyond our partnership with TerraCycle, we're dedicated to waste reduction within our facility:
Cardboard Recycling: All cardboard waste is recycled, compressing it into bales and sent to the Sydney Paper Mill to be repurposed, reducing the demand for new materials.
Wooden Pallets Recycling: Unused wooden pallets are 100% recycled. They're either repurposed into new pallets or upcycled into furniture.

APCO Membership

We're a proud member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), a non-profit committed to building a sustainable national packaging ecosystem. This affiliation shows our dedication to identifying sustainable packaging solutions that minimise environmental impact. APCO facilitates the delivery of Australia’s 2025 National Packaging Targets, as well as promotes circular packaging design, working to improve collection and recycling systems and education, and expanding markets for used packaging.

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Join us on our sustainability journey

At HFM, we believe sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We're committed to continually assessing and improving our practices to ensure we're at the forefront of sustainable cosmetics manufacturing.