New Product and Research Development

New Product Research and Development is a cornerstone of our business.

Our team of tertiary qualified chemists offer an industry best practice product research and development service that includes the modification of existing formulations, re-engineering products or creating new products from scratch.

No two products that we formulate are the same, our product research and development process is genuinely bespoke, your products are unique and tailored to your specific requirements.

The R&D team has extensive experience creating quality skincare and hair care products for both Australian and Global markets.

And the product development process that we use helps take your concept through to quality product samples ready for production.

How our Product Research and Development process works

Once we have had initial discussion with you about your manufacturing needs, and both parties are confident that we can provide you with the product/s that you require, we then start our Product Development process.

Step 1: The Product Development Brief

We ask our clients to complete our easy to use one-page Product Development Brief.

This helps kick-off the process in the right direction and we are only too happy to provide assistance in getting the brief right if you require a helping hand. Our formulation team will review your completed Product Development Brief.

We ask that you provide a target manufacturing per unit price within the brief, this assists in keeping the formulation response relevant to your budget.

We will then provide feedback on your brief and at this point we may need to meet in person or have a phone meeting to drill down on detail or to discuss elements of your brief.

We charge a modest fee (which covers raw materials, R&D and laboratory time) for creating your formulation samples, and once this has been received we then start the R&D process.

Step 2: The Development Phase

Once we have researched the best raw materials to use in your product, we will then provide you with our recommendations for your product/s, and once you approve this direction, we will commence the formulation sample process.

One of our chemists will be assigned to your product development, and they will prepare the initial sample for you.

Our chemists’ work tightly to the Product Development Brief, so usually the first sample is on brief. However, if it requires a little modification, we will do that for you, that’s all part of the process.

Step 3: Formulation sign-off, manufacturing quotation

Once we have your final approval of the formulation sample that has been developed for you, we can then provide an accurate quotation for manufacture of your product/s.

There’s usually some detail to work through such as testing the fill volume of your packaging and testing the product/packaging compatibility, but once this is completed we will provide the firm quotation for manufacture.

Step 4: The Product PET and Stability testing

We suggest that all new products that we develop for you undergo both Preservative Efficacy Testing and Stability Testing.

Our analogy is that these testing protocols are your product insurance and will provide you with peace of mind in regard to the stability and longevity of your product/s.

These tests are performed by an independent external microbiological laboratory who will provide a quotation before testing commences.

Step 5: Procurement and Production Scheduling

Once microbiological testing pass results are received, we can then procure raw materials and timeline your product/s into production.

Step 6: Scale-up into Production

When procured raw materials arrive, the chemist that formulated your product will supervise the compounding of your new product and then follow the product into manufacturing to ensure that the integrity of your new product is not compromised in any way.

Our Product Development process is underpinned by the global standard of GMP 22716: Cosmetics. This is your guarantee that you are getting the best quality of manufacturing for your products.

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