Product Testing

Creating beautiful and functional products with efficacy is the end goal at Health Focus Manufacturers.

Having said that, it is very important to create products that stand up to the rigors of time and any possibility of contamination.

Preservative Efficacy Testing

Once you are happy with the formulation sample that we have created for you, we need to put the sample product to the test, initially by sending samples to an external microbiological facility for Preservative Efficacy Testing.

The product formulation sample is tested in a controlled laboratory environment to ensure that the chosen preservative ingredient/s provide robust protection against any potential contaminants.

Generally, most products pass this testing regime and we can then move onto to the next recommended testing phase – stability testing.

Stability Testing

Longevity of your products is important to both you and your customers. How long will your product last? What is the shelf life? These are familiar questions and we understand why.

Also, many overseas jurisdictions insist on a proven minimum shelf life for cosmetic products.

So how do you know what the potential shelf life of your product is?

The only conclusive indicator is real time. However, when you have new products to take to market you generally don’t have the option of storing products for a couple of years to see how they stand the test of time.

The only alternative to real time is accelerated stability testing.

Basically, sample products are put through controlled temperature variations over a twelve-week period. If the product holds up and does not undergo change to colour, viscosity and smell, then is it usually deemed to have passed stability testing with an indicative shelf life of up to 18 months.

Micro Testing

All products manufactured at our facility are sent out for micro-testing at an independent microbiological laboratory after compounding and before filling and then again after filling into your packaging to ensure that there has been no contamination during the manufacturing process.

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