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Eco-Friendly Beauty: How Sustainable Skin Care Solutions are Transforming the Industry

Sustainable skin care is big news. 64% of consumers say that sustainability is very important when it comes to considering buying beauty products, according to research by Global Cosmetic Industry. More and more, consumers are looking for beauty and skin care products that give results and are better for the planet.

November 29, 2023


Let’s take a closer look at how sustainable skin care solutions are transforming the industry, and what we’re doing as skin care manufacturers to support the brands we work with to become more sustainable.

Clean and natural ingredients

Clean beauty products that use natural and organic ingredients are one of the biggest shifts when it comes to sustainability in skin care. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the potential harm that some ingredients can cause to their skin, as well as the world around them.

As a result, they’re looking for their beauty products to contain organic, plant-based and ethically sourced ingredients. They want transparency and effective, clean-and-green formulations.

We’re certified with the OFC (Organic Food Chain), ACO (Australian Certified Organic) and COSMOS, which means we can process and manufacture certified organic skincare and haircare products for the Australian and overseas markets. So if you’re looking for clean, natural and organic ingredients, then we’ve got you covered.

Ethical sourcing and fair trade

One of the big changes in manufacturing is that the focus goes beyond the products or ingredients. Consumers value brands that prioritise fair wages, safe working conditions and sustainable sourcing methods.

This includes partnering with local communities and suppliers to ensure that ingredients are responsibly harvested or sourced through eco-friendly practices. As a SEDEX member, we’re committed to being a responsible business, sourcing responsibly, improving ethical standards and improving working conditions in our supply chain.

Minimal packaging and zero waste initiatives

At one point, beauty products were all about excessive packaging, and while it’s still a work in progress, less is more when it comes to packaging now. Brands and consumers are looking for alternative packaging materials to reduce their environmental impact too. This could be recyclable, biodegradable, refillable or compostable materials and packaging.

As expert skin care manufacturers, we support the brands that we work with to find the right packaging for their products. This makes sure that the products are kept protected and stable with less of an impact on the planet.

Waterless and concentrated formulations

Conserving water is a big deal, and as a result, there’s been a move towards waterless and concentrated skincare formulations. This means there isn’t excessive water used in the manufacturing process, and that a little goes a long way, so there’s a lower carbon footprint. It can also reduce costs in manufacturing, meaning more value for money for the end consumer.

We specialise in creating and manufacturing quality skin care, cosmeceutical and personal care products. If a waterless or concentrated formulation is high on your list, then we can work with you to find the most effective formulation for your brand.

Recycling and upcycling

Many sustainable skin care brands are introducing their own recycling and upcycling programmes, or they’re opting in to centralised recycling services. There are also take-back programmes where consumers can return empty containers for recycling or repurposing.

The circular economy is a big talking point in the beauty space and focuses on reducing consumption through sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials for as long as possible.

This reduces waste and increases the life of a product and its packaging.

If you’re looking to create your product packaging to fit with recycling processes or creative upcycling, we can work with you to achieve this for your brand. We’re always finding new planet-friendly ways to produce award-winning products with deliberate care and intention, and we’re currently increasing our in-house recycling systems.

Energy efficiency and renewable energy

Renewable energy is big news in the beauty industry, right from formulation through to packaging and distribution. This could be investing in energy-efficient equipment, using renewable energy in the manufacturing process or even looking at the shape of packaging to make them more stackable for transport.

At Health Focus Manufacturers, we recently installed 108 solar panels at our manufacturing facility to reduce our carbon footprint through renewable energy - and we plan to look at battery storage of this solar power to become more energy independent. We also have an environmental plan to reduce waste, consumables and carbon emissions.

What’s next for skin care manufacturing?

The skincare and cosmetics industry is undergoing a transformative shift towards eco-friendly practices From clean and natural ingredients to ethical sourcing, minimal packaging, waterless formulations, and recycling initiatives, sustainable skin care manufacturers and brands are revolutionising the industry.

Eco-friendly beauty isn’t just a trend, but a conscious choice towards a more ethical and environmentally responsible lifestyle. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our skin and the planet.