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Top 5 Ingredients for Quality Hair Products

How much do you know about the products your lather on your locks? Have you established what your hair care goals are, and which ingredients will help you reach them? Maybe you’re aiming to boost shine and volume or get rid of pesky dandruff. Maybe you’re willing away your split ends, or try to revive dull, dry hair into a rich Amazonian mane!

February 6, 2024


Whatever your goals are - oil control, frizz-reduction, hydration, softening or shine - it’s important to know which ingredients to look for to help you achieve them. In this post, we’ll go through our top five haircare ingredients to turn that mop into magic!

1. Avocado oil - anointing agent

Avocado oil is a fatty acid, containing vitamins A, D and E, and it works wonders on hair. A natural moisturiser, this oil can help unblock pores on the scalp and restore equilibrium to sebum (your scalp oils). Avocado oil is 47.2% oleic acid, which helps control water loss (hello hydration), and detangles, smooths and fortifies the hair shaft.

This ingredient can be found in a whole host of hair products, both in your everyday shampoos and conditions to special me-time serums and hair masks. It is a beloved booster of hydration, we know that hydrated hair is happy hair!

2. Aloe vera - soul-soother

Normally a go-to for sunburn and other wounds, this plant also blesses your tresses! It soothes and moisturises the scalp, with anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that can relieve an irritated scalp.

Aloe is also an effective, gentle cleanser, and fortifies the hair with its abundance of amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids. Our friends at Byrdie say aloe vera ‘locks and loads’ hydration, meaning it not only seals in moisture but also pulls in moisture from the air.

The thing about aloe vera is that you’ll want a product that has a lot of it so you can really reap the benefits! Make sure to check it’s listed in the top five on the ingredients list.

3. Glycerin - hero humectant

A humectant is a substance that draws in water from the air and from within the skin, allowing you to unlock holy-grail hydration for your hair. Glycerin, also called glycerol, is a clear, gel-like substance included in tons of hair care products.

It can improve scalp health by providing moisture to the scalp and regulating sebum production, promoting healthy hair growth and strengthening hair. The soothing effect can be heaven for dry scalps too, resolving itchiness and dandruff. Glycerin is super effective on curly hair (because curly hair is always thirsty), giving more clear definition to curls.

Keratin - frizz-fighter

Keratin is the smooth operator you’ll see in some high-end beauty treatments. Keratin is a protein, one of the building blocks of your hair and nails. Topical use of keratin on your hair can strengthen it, prevent breakage and frizz, and increase shine. This is because keratin, particularly hydrolyzed keratin, can penetrate the hair cuticle to fill in gaps and holes in the hair shaft, replacing lost protein and reinforcing strands from the insight out.

You’ll often find keratin in straightening treatments too. It’s a master smoother leaving you with that glassy-hair look. Keratin is key if what you’re looking for is stronger, sleeker locks!

Honey - sweet shine-up

Good on toast, great on hair! Another natural humectant, honey is a moisturising emollient that is great for hair health. It locks in moisture and boosts shine by smoothing and sealing the hair follicles.

Like aloe, it has soothing, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and also helps to promote cell growth, which means it can both cleanse and repair the scalp. Honey contains protein which can boost strength and reduce breakage. Hello Giggles says curly-haired folk can get a huge hydration boost from honey, as it can lock in moisture more effectively than other products.

So there you have it. Five quality ingredients that will unlock hydrated, healthy, heavenly hair! You may have noticed that most of these ingredients promote a healthy scalp, and that’s because healthy hair begins at the root!

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