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Four Vitamins Your Skin Needs

To maintain a healthy and radiant complexion, we have to ensure our skin is getting all the vitamins it needs to flourish. Today we’ll go through the ABCs (and E’s!) of vitamins your skin loves.

November 29, 2023


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is your skin’s everyday best friend. It’s a hero for maintaining healthy skin by normalising cell function and behaviour. Trailing in its cape are the abilities to:

Normalise oil production
Promote natural hydration
Reduce pigmentation
Reduce inflammation
Support the skin’s immune system

One of the most common forms of Vitamin A in skincare is retinoids. In off-the-shelf skincare, retinol is the usual subset of retinoid used, with others only available by a dermatologist's recommendation. 

Retinol speeds up cell turnover, which is effective in treating acne. The accelerated production of new cells promotes healing and prevents further breakouts by supporting the skin’s immune system. Retinol is also a great anti-ageing treatment, so it’s often found in products for mature skin. Thank you, Vitamin A-wesome.

Vitamin B 

Vitamin B is the multi-genre superstar of skincare. There are eight different types of Vitamin B (read the full list from Healthline here), and they may be used individually, or combined together in a Vitamin B complex. The individual Vitamin B’s most commonly used in skincare are B-3 (niacinamide), B-5 (pantothenic acid) and B-7 (biotin).

Different B vitamins have different benefits, including:

Reducing acne (B-5)
Brightening (B-3, B-7)
Anti-ageing (B-3, B-7)
Hydrating (B-5)
Reducing inflammation (B-5)

For specific skin concerns, also check out Aveeno’s breakdown of Vitamin B to see which type of Vitamin B suits you best. 

Vitamin C

If you’re looking for a magic anti-ageing treatment, Vitamin C is key. This guardian angel antioxidant protects skin from environmental stressors and is essential to the growth and repair of tissue throughout the body. Vitamin C isn’t naturally generated by our bodies, it’s taken up through our food or directly by the skin in topical treatments. This divine celestial:

Brightens skin
Protects from free radicals and sun damage
Improves pigmentation
Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles
Hydrates and firms skin

Vitamin C is often mixed with Vitamin E to create renewing skin treatments that accelerate cell healing and turnover, leading to a radiant complexion. Kiss your dull skin goodbye, and say hello to glow!

Vitamin E

If you’re looking to heal, Vitamin E is your restoration station. Queen of cellular repair, this antioxidant is just what you need to smooth those scars, soothe sun damage, and support your skin. Queen E’s superpowers are:

Protecting and repairing from free radical damage 
Moisturising and hydrating skin
Strengthening the skin barrier
Supporting cellular repair
Reducing hyperpigmentation

Through Vitamin E is naturally produced by our bodies, topical use bolsters skin healing, leaving you with soft, repaired skin. Vitamin E is often blended with other active and acidic treatments as a soothing agent. She’s your skin’s warm blanket and a cup of cocoa.

Now that you know the ABCs (and E’s) of skincare, you can step up your vitamin game! If you’re creating or perfecting your skincare line, you can include these powerhouse ingredients for an effective formula. 

But why do that on your own? At Health Focus Manufacturers, our team of cosmetic chemists can assist you in manufacturing formulations of the highest standard. We will partner with you to create a unique skincare line using high-quality ingredients. To get started, contact us today.

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